Agent testimonials about careers with NP Dodge


Testimonials about working with NP Dodge

What our agents are saying about us

Scott Lawrence

"I've been selling real estate for nearly 23 years and made the switch to NP Dodge 15 years ago due to the family oriented atmosphere. I previously worked 60+ hours a week for 20-years in the corporate world and decided to start my own real estate business under the NP Dodge name. I now have the freedom to work when I want, giving me more quality time with my own family. I also chose NP Dodge because they have 10 offices throughout the metro area. If I'm with a client in Iowa, Blair, Elkhorn, Midtown or Sarpy county, I love the fact that I'm just minutes away from an office with everything I need."

Mike Story

"I took the exam and got my license intending to sell real estate part-time while focusing on my other career. Soon after, I was laid off and forced to make a decision between pursuing a new full-time career or going into real estate full-time. I chose real estate and have never regretted the decision. NP Dodge provided structure, tools and training which helped me succeed. This support has helped me to create a thriving real estate business, at the same time allowing for more flexibility and family time than a 9-5 office job!"

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