NP Dodge Real Estate company culture

Our Culture

Company culture at NP Dodge Real Estate

At NP Dodge, we stand behind our agents, not over their shoulders.

At NP Dodge, we believe a real estate company should work for its agents; not the other way around. We don't answer to a parent company across the country -- our agents are the shareholders. We place the highest priority on their growth and satisfaction and provide them with every opportunity for personal reward and financial success.

Our job at NP Dodge is to help our agents do theirs -- to provide the best possible tools, training and supportive agent-centric environment possible. Our managers don't get involved in agent business unless invited. We don't have channels to go through to get an issue resolved. We don't believe in excessive structure or trivial agent fees. Above all, we don't value profits over people.

That doesn't just make a difference; it makes all the difference.

More Than 165-year Commitment to the Community

In 1855, a dozen years before Nebraska became a state, NP Dodge began serving the real estate needs of the Omaha/Council Bluffs community. Over 165 years later, the NP Dodge name represents more than 1,000 dedicated individuals that make up the area's largest full service real estate company.

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